Smart solutions for agribusiness, technology and startups:
This is Innovatech Group.

Innovatech Group

The world is more and more connected, which makes interactions faster and expectations higher.
To meet this stringent demand with excellence, Innovatech bases its services upon its global capacity to act. For this reason, it invests in professionals and partnerships with vast international experience, in addition to adopting methodologies and concepts which can be replicated anywhere in the world with exceptional excellence and performance.

We are a group made up of four companies which develop and implement strategic solutions for agribusiness, technology and startups. More than a consequence, profit is the premise for any business.

Corporate Governance
with focus on customers

When innovation is structural, it starts in the Management Model. With innovation as one of its main pillars in the company structure, Innovatech has a dynamic management model aiming towards quick and safe decisions, based on good corporate governance practices and generation of value for its customers.


Managers capable of combining agility and competence in decision-making, supported by current, updated, accurate and complete information, allowing the forecast of different scenarios and the prevention of negative occurrences.


With a transparent and effective Management Model, Innovatech uses all its expertise to develop customized solutions that generate the results expected by customers.


Our work is based on the responsibility and trust we establish with investors, shareholders, customers and partners.

Business Architecture

Innovatech Group business architecture is organized in an orbital system, where the group companies are independent, yet synergistic planets around a central figure: our customers and partners.

We share the same essence: Innovation and Technology, and we capture cohesion between the different companies in the group, always preserving the market rules, guaranteeing integrity and confidentiality through strictly established compliance policies and guaranteed through management based on our governance values ​​and principles inspired by the market best practices o and IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance).

Leadership and Advice

Excellence and Innovation is present all through the company, starting on the structuring of its activities. Innovatech acts consistently applying and testing concepts internally and then taking them to its customers.

More than being a quest,
leadership is a consequence
of your posture.
Always focused on excellence, high performance and best practices applied in all services for the entire agribusiness chain, Innovatech has a board formed by...

great national and international executives, in the most diverse areas of the sector. This is to offer its clients a more global and strategic vision of their business, enhancing investments and oriented solutions for more effective, long lasting and profitable results.

The privilege of having executives
from all over the world thinking
about your business.
Formed by experienced professionals and structured on the pillars of innovation, high performance and strategic knowledge of the entire agribusiness chain, Innovatech...

invests in the best partnerships, in the most advanced technologies and in the constant evolution of the sector to offer effective solutions and generate value to its customers in a solid and continuous way.

  Innovatech has counselors and
strategic partnerships in the areas:

Members of the Board

Internal counselors

João Comério

Board Chairman

Robinson Cannaval

Internal Counselor

Conselheiros Independentes

Manoel de Freitas

Jorney counselor

Bernardo Szpigel

Independent Counselor

Rogério Ziviani

Independent Counselor

Thomas Teichmann

Thomas Teichmann

Senior Business & Development Associate

Strategic Alliance

Thomas is responsible for prospecting business between Israel, Brazil and Africa, focusing on expansion opportunities for agribusiness companies and startups. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and over the years has worked in the chemical, water, extraction and consulting industries. Thomas held C-level positions in Multinational companies, and as an entrepreneur also founded companies in Brazil, Portugal and Israel.

Our values

Our values guide our posture, foundations,
principles that govern performance and guide our daily behavior:


Excellence Team

We are qualified professionals motivated by common goals, focused on the client and with a balance between young talents and professional executive experience.



We are qualified professionals motivated by common goals, focused on the client and with a balance between young talents and professional executive experience.


Quality Ratio

We build a quality relationship between people, which are: customers, employees, partners, community and shareholders. Therefore, our practices are aligned with our values: what we think, speak and agree with.



In order to guarantee superior and sustainable results, we carry out deep and impartial analyzes, which allow us to make the best strategic recommendations. We monitor the implementation and, when necessary, recognize, identify and act on deviations, expediting eventual corrections of routes.

Innovation that generates financial return and evolution to your business.

Meet the companies that make up the Innovatech Group:


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